“God, do not put my patience to such a difficult test that I start to question your very existence”.   The visual of yesteryear’s megastar shouting out these words on the terrace of his apartment, standing drunk in the rains at

While we have written and spoken much about the need to bring fresh and novel content to Bharathanatyam performances, one question that keeps rearing its head is - how does one select such content. Well, nothing jumps out from the

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch an interesting interpretation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. This was presented by an extremely talented quartet called The HandleBards.  Apparently they cycle across the UK, all props and costumes in tow on their bicycles

In the past few months, there were two important landmarks that I crossed as an artist. The first was hitting the magic number of one hundred in the number of performances I have given since I moved to the realm

On a crisp winter's evening in January 2012 Srikanth was introducing Soul Cages, my first production to the New Delhi audience at Kamani Auditorium.  The words he used were, " Solo Bharathanatyam Dance Theatre" and went on to add that

I must have seen this many times before, but this time I really put my thoughts on it. I am referring to Edvard Munch's painting titled 'The Scream'. What it features is a woman on a bridge screaming in what

  From 'Dance of Loneliness in Pursuit' - 'Chains' performance The world of art, especially the world of art as created by a woman tends to point out worst-case scenarios as the average truth.  We have a lot of blogs, commentaries by