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YUDH - Three perspectives, One Truth (2013)


Many a time in our life we see perfectly good and innocent people face hardships beyond belief. Innocent children fall victim to cruelty which leaves us wondering if there is any divine justice. In YUDH we focus on such an incident and look at it through three perspectives, those of humans, God, and Satan. Each perspective offers a logical end in itself. We can all go back with answers, all of them valid, but perhaps completely different. YUDH is not a story that ties in with any religion, nor does it refute any. What we have is a stimulating experience which is brought to life with a clarity that perhaps no classical art form can deliver as Bharathanatyam can!

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AK Srikanth

Artistic Direction and Choreography:

Savitha Sastry

Story and Script:

AK Srikanth

Music and Lyrics:

Rajkumar Bharathi

Technical Direction and Lighting:

Victor Paulraj

Sound Analyst:

Sai Shravanam

Costume design:

C A Joy


Arun Kumar Tiwari


Huda Amini

Photography and Design:

Aditya Sastry


Hans Kaushik, Akhila Ramnarayan, Govind Venkatesan, Varun Iyer


Krithika Arvind & Srikanth

Recording Studio:

Resound India, Chennai