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Beyond the Rains

Beyond the Rains

Beyond the Rains is a short film based on Bharatanatyam, performed by the acclaimed danseuse Savitha Sastry, and directed by the award-winning Director AK Srikanth.  The film has been written by AK Srikanth, and is framed like a Haiku (a Japanese poem in 17 syllables) – with much the same nuance and maturity that the Japanese poetry form is famed for. The film delicately portrays the emotion of love as understood by a retired old dancer struck by senility, who lives in her memories, and a young girl who is looking to the future alone.

Stepping away from the hard hitting and intense subjects Savitha and Srikanth are known for, this time the duo have come up with a gentle yet powerful theme that tugs at heartstrings as always, albeit in a more subtle sense. The choreography is by Savitha herself, showcasing the beauty of Bharatanatyam as never before in all its elegance. The show also highlights an honest performance by debutant Sneha Sridhar, playing the role of a young girl juxtaposed with the ideologies of the older woman.

Beyond the Rains shall be remembered as a beautiful work of art that goes well beyond just a dance performance – it is a moving vignette that shall appeal to those in love with the dance form, and those that are uninitiated with the same.

Awards For Rains: 

  • Nominations: 
    • 29th Annual Twin Rivers Media Festival – Short Films
  • Wins: 
    • Tokyo Film Awards – Best Asian Film
    • Tokyo Film Awards – Best Short Film
    • Paris Film Awards – Best Short Film
    • Calcutta International Cult Film Festival – Best Short Film
    • Calcutta International Cult Film Festival – Best Director
    • Calcutta International Cult Film Festival – Best Actress
Writer & Director:

AK Srikanth

Choreographer & Performer:

Savitha Sastry

Music Director:

Abhay Nayampally




Philomen Raj

Cutomes & Make-up :

Laila Khan