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The Prophet – Destiny. Divinity. Doubt. (2013)

In the darkness that enveloped a materialistic and angst filled world, she came as a saviour. She danced to the music of the Gods, and lived amongst the people as a beacon that would lead them to their salvation. But when the beacon burns to become a raging fire, who is the saviour, and who seeks deliverance?

This is the story of a Prophet – of her destiny, her divinity and her doubt.

“The Prophet is a production that carries within it an intensity that will leave the audience thinking about it for a very long time. The stunning audio visual accompaniments, the completely out of the box musical score, and the achingly exquisite choreography and denouement of the presentation adds up to something far more than an evening of entertainment – it becomes an experience” says the Indian Express in a review.

‘The Prophet’ like ‘Soul Cages’ and ‘Yudh’ is based on an original story written by AK Srikanth and adapted to stage by Savitha Sastry. The presentation debuts in Bangalore on Oct 20, 2013 and then goes on to play in all major auditoriums across India.

To those I dance for…
‘The Prophet’ – What it is, What it is not

Direction & Choreography:

Savitha Sastry

Story, Song Lyrics, Script:

AK Srikanth


Rajkumar Bharathi

Lyrics (Hindi):

Dr. Amrendra Nath Tripath

Lyrics (Tamil):

Niranjan Bharathi

Sound Analyst:

Sai Shravanam


Govind Venkatesh and Sunanda

Technical Direction:

Victor Paulraj

Costume design:

Arun Kumar Tiwari

Design and Photos:

Aditya Sastry

Brand Design:

Vinay Srinivasan