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Chains: Love Stories of Shadows (2015)


“Faceless, voiceless and emotionless…I have sought love for all eternity. Faith is my virtue, and I remain a dark shadow ever chained to the one I love. This is my love story, the love story of a shadow. Feared, detested and abhorred I may be, but mine is the only love that will remain, till the end of time.”

‘Chains: Love Stories of Shadows’ is a production that rips apart the masks we everyday people wear through our lives, exposing and exploring the real freedom of choice that our society accords to us. Following the ground breaking successes of our earlier productions, Chains takes a long hard look at a woman and her life. Is there room in a woman’s life to do what she wants, or is her life a compromise of the expectations of her family and the society she lives in? Times have evolved, the parameters broadened, but there still exists a fence. Chains explores the dividing line between free will and compromise.

‘Chains’ is based on writer AK Srikanth’s trilogy – a story that carries with it the intensity of a tempest. It is almost impossible to emerge unaffected by his story – it is as though he has held up a mirror in front of us that forces us to see what is, rather than what we think is. When Savitha, acclaimed as the ‘renaissance architect of Bharathanatyam’, delivers the raging, tumultuous tale of bondage with her grace and lucidity, the effect is a visual epiphany. She brings the art alive for even an audience that is uninterested in the classical Indian dance forms. The experience is accentuated by the musical score of Rajkumar Bharathi, ebbing and flowing magnificently with the narrative. The lush soundscape with over a hundred tracks of music, that echoes every nuance of the character in the story, will leave the audience dazzled. The magical chemistry of the story and dance is also brought alive by the vibrancy of the costumes and the technology of lights. ‘Chains’ is an experience in art and life. One that cannot be forgotten.

Artistic Direction & Choreography:

Savitha Sastry

Story, Song Lyrics, Script:

AK Srikanth

Music Composer:

Rajkumar Bharathi

Music Arrangement and Sound Analyst:

Sai Shravanam


Hans Kaushik

Technical Direction:

Victor Paulraj

Costume design:

Arun Kumar Tiwari

Design and Photographs:

Aditya Sastry