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In God’s Country

In God’s Country - Circle of Life (2015)

Bharathanatyam dancers in several cities across the world will be performing ‘In God’s Country’, a curtain raiser choreographed and directed by Savitha Sastry. This presentation is a poignant and beautiful tale that offers a disarmingly simple insight into the complexities of life and living. With the charm of a fairy tale and the depth of ecumenical philosophy, ‘In God’s Country’ is an experience for all ages.

Artistic Direction and Choreography:

Savitha Sastry

Story, Song Lyrics, Script:

AK Srikanth


Rajkumar Bharathi

Sound Analyst:

Sai Shravanam @ Resound Studios, Chennai

Technical Direction:

Victor Paulraj



Costume design:

Arun Kumar Tiwari