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Filter Coffee aur Masala Chai

Filter Coffee aur Masala Chai


Filter Coffee aur Masala Chai is the second in the ‘Families’ Short film trilogy, This film, the first Hindi short from Stikanth and Savitha, is based on a short story written by Srikanth, and is an allegory on the diversity and unity of India as represented through a typical Indian family. The theme celebrates the concept of a family as a unit – one that may have its share of bickering and fighting, but would come together as one when any sort of calamity strikes.

Like their previous film Arangetram, Filter Coffee aur Masala Chai too is a breezy comedy – one that can be enjoyed by the whole family together, much as the genre made popular by stalwarts such as Amol Palekar, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee. The story and its uniquely quirky protagonists bring to mind the unforgettable characters from RK Narayan’s classic ‘Malgudi’ series.

Filter Coffee aur Masala Chai brings together several cine and television artists from the North and the South, including Monika Shah, Zeeba Ashrin, Kowsalya Natarajan, Sridhar, Vinay Sachdeva and Parminder Singh Shah, who play important supporting casts. The film, based in the milieu of a typical Delhi family, focuses on a Punjabi-Tamil couple and their eccentric relatives. While the film centers around the character played by Savitha, every supporting actor also has unique characterisations that makes the whole film believable, and yet joyous.

Cast :

Savitha Sastry Pawan Hora Kausalya Natarajan Sridhar Narayanan Monika Kohli Parminder Singh Shah Vinay Sachdeva Zeeba Ashrin

Writer and Director :

AK Srikanth

Choreographer :

Savitha Sastry

Music Director :

Abhay Nayampally

DOP and Editor :

Lakshman Jai

Costumes and Make-up :

Laila Khan