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Dear Sneha,

Ah I wish I had that magic wand! Unfortunately it is impossible for me to predict a trajectory of time to attain those milestones. Each person shapes it by their effort and training and it is a moving target – I am constantly working on achieving some similar milestone all the time.

Having said that, the following is what I earnestly believe – everyone can attain perfect form (unless there is a genetic challenge). I don’t believe in body stereotype excuses – the ‘I am too tall, short, flat footed, this, that, whatever’. Anyone that applies themselves with discipline and follows balanced wholistic training can attain perfection.

What is perfect form? – form defined by parameters of aesthetics/visual beauty. I won’t get into that aspect here – we can discuss that separately. However, I want dancers to reflect on this – how are you delivering that aesthetic perfect geometry? Are you using the right activations in your muscles, are your joints supported, are you setting yourself up for injuries unknowingly, while from the stage view you look good! That method you use has to be as perfect as that thillana you just performed. Otherwise all that seemingly perfect geometry might end up crippling you eventually. Knee pain, back pain, ankle issues, the list can be long – all because the focus was only on the end result and not the method or process.

Getting back to your question of how long for two huge milestones – aramandi and anga-sudda…. anybody’s guess. For now, focus on achieving perfection in the methods you use for delivering angasuddha and aramandi. And before you know it, those picture perfect poses will happen! Most importantly you will stay healthy for life!!